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tv   Journal  PBS  February 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> hello and welcome the "journal." coming up on our program -- dozens of people died at a soccer match in the egyptian city. the eu blocks a megamerger, saying it would have created a monopoly. >> and a blast from the past -- the voice of germany's first chancellor, otto von bismarck, is discovered by historians. egyptian officials say dozens of
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people have been killed in fan violence after a soccer match in the northern city of port st. -- said. fans say the field was stormed. details are coming in, but at least 50 people were killed, and there are other reports that put that toll even higher. for more on the story, i am joined by our correspondent in cairo. tell us how this tragedy developed. >> according to official regulators, 73 people died. more than 1000 people were injured. the whole thing started during a soccer match at the crossroads of the suez canal and the mediterranean. we have 73 deaths.
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rival fans stormed the field, and then there were confrontations with the fans of cairo. reports say this was initiated in order to continue with emergency law and there were discussions leading to impose a curfew. the egyptian parliament said it did the prosecutor said he was going to investigate the case. >> is there a history of rivalry between these teams? >> yes, there is a history of rivalry. there is a history of violence, although not to this degree. the question is for some of the fans of this cairo soccer team,
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the fans were famous for being part of the tahrir demonstration. there is also suspicion that security may have tried to settle a score here. the whole scene has a very strong political connotation. when you watch television stations, that is exactly what is discussed right now. >> we heard a development about a fire at the cairo stadium. what can you tell us about that? >> it is true, there was a fire. it seems like it was done by angry fans, also. it seems that the fire is under control by now. >> thank you. we thank you very much for that update. members of the united nations security council are still at
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odds over a draft resolution on syria. russia says it will use its veto power for any proposal it finds unacceptable. western powers have been pushing for a resolution that backs an arab league plan that calls for syrian president bashar al assad to step aside, but russia and now china subject to any call for regime change. in syria, government forces intensified operations in areas controlled by rebels outside the capital and in homs. >> even as russia again underscored its opposition to the united nations resolution, fighting in homs was intensifying. the rebels express their disappointment, saying the only way to bring peace to syria is for president assad to step down. for now, hopes for international intervention have been dashed. many feared the departure of the president would mean chaos and
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civil war. and that they have no right to interfere in our affairs. we can solve our own problems. >> that is essentially the same argument russia is making at the united nations security council. >> the draft resolution only deepens the crisis further. we will not allow it to pass. that is our final word. >> still, western diplomats and the arab league are working behind closed doors, searching for wording that russia might find acceptable. >> i'm not trying to sound over optimistic, but in my opinion, russia's attitude is less negative than before. >> video has surfaced purporting to show deserted syrian soldiers striking victory poses, but the fight is far from over, but that the diplomatic level and on the ground.
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a german aid workers and three other foreigners abducted in yemen tuesday have been released by their captors. that is according to a yemeni minister involved in the negotiations for their release. the four were set free about 50 kilometers west of the capital in the same area where they were taken. the aid workers were employed by united nations humanitarian affairs office in yemen. the kidnappers were tribesmen hoping to trade the hostages for one of their leaders who was in prison. all right, let's get the latest on the new york stock exchange deal going bust. >> very ambitious plan, very ambitious work going on for nearly a year and now, all for naught. leaders have blocked the deal, saying the plan - exchange would have created a near monopoly over the futures market. according to statements from the nyse, while an appeal against the decision is under
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consideration, the decisions -- the exchanges are negotiating decisions to terminate the deal. >> the decision came as no great surprise. european antitrust regulators have already voiced concerns about the merger in recent weeks. all the same, the european commission's final ruling still came as a major blow for deutsche borse. >> this is a black day for europe and its future competitiveness on the world's financial markets. rejecting the proposed merger endorsed the creation of a european-based global stock exchange leader. >> combining georgia burse and the nyse would have created the world's biggest exchange
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operator. >> these two companies constrain each other's prices and compete for technology and innovation. therefore, the merger would have eliminated the help the process of competition. >> but some observers say that the combined exchange would not have been as powerful as the european commission feared. >> derivatives trading is global. that means we have to at least draw derivatives exchanges in the u.s. and asia into the equation. then things look different. >> he wants to return quickly to business as usual. even without the merger, deutsche borse is still a major player among global stock exchanges. >> european stocks advanced to six-month highs thursday in reaction to better than expected manufacturing data in europe, china, and the u.s. our correspondence sent us this summary of the wednesday trading
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session from frankfurt. >> the new trading month started very promising. positive economic data from germany and china where the main driver, the german and chinese industry, had a very strong start to the year. lots of positive signs in the bond market after a successful bond auction from portugal. the country got 1.5 billion euros at the lower rate. the stock market -- the failed stock market merger did not have negative consequences. shares of deutshe borse were up because traders were confident they will also be successful without a partner. >> week take a closer look at frankfurt. germany's blue-chip dax finished higher by 2.44%. the euro stocks 50 also closing up by 2.25%. across the atlantic on wall street, the dow at this hour is trading higher by nearly 1%.
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dollar at a value of $1.3160. now, it is back to meghan. >> thanks for that. italian authorities have identified another german woman among the 17 people killed on the costa conscordia -- concordia cruise ship when it ran aground. meanwhile, fears of an environmental disaster grow among the locals. chemicals leaking out of the ship have caused an oil sheen to appear around the vessel, but the agency overseeing the rescue effort is downplaying any danger to the environment for now. rough seas and strong winds have been hampering efforts to pump 20 tons of fuel from the ship. wiles' founder has begun his nt assangethe arrestas anvelopmi
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coldest weekhere, too, more snod over the weekend. >> for historians, igf jackpot e only known voice recording of rm cnclottvo bismarck has been found. the recording was made 1889 at his home. it gives listeners a more inma gmp of a man known as the iron chancellorberlin haf the german cty lu celebrates the campaigns to unite germany. iron chancellor's voice has surfaced. was reciting snippets of the french national anthem. eecdi w made in 1889
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on a wax cylinde a thnogy that was showing promise at the time. >> my experience tells me that it is aheic of course, it would make sense for others to review the co tse his words ring true given the time period. >> u.s. inventor thomas edison was delinth wr phonograph and sent it to make the recordings. they wereisvedut left untouched for years. bismarck also has some sage vi f h son. "live life in moderation including wk, eating, and drinking" -- words to live by in the 21st century as well. stay tuned. wi bacafr a short break with a look at toys.
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>> face i -- everyone hasn agenda, and guess what? so do i.. every week, i will pick three stories tt abd atntn. i will sit down with the people connected to those headlines and
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be sure to find out why they say what they say and why wehod re watch how i set the agenda, beginning on february 7 on dw. >>elmeac toys and games are big business, and that will certainly prove true this week at the nuremberg toy fair, the biggest event of its kind wh 80,000 visitors from all over the world and about 1 million products on show. one of the big topics every year isnnatn. toy makers are under constant pressure to come up with new ideas as they face growing competition from the internet and the veoamwod. as result, germany's raven's burger toy company has developed a big hit, called the tip toy. it i helping classic toy makers stay competitive in this digital age. >> this is let this- lettuce. hello. i am george baker, pauli, tom,
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lii'sadnd ann's husband. >> he is learning english. wi ts pen, children can interactively read books, play and learn at the same time, and leo les it. a german game maker invented it. developers called in t hp of i.t. specialists to create the toy. their partnership is so successful that they are looking at other uses for tip toy. >> to be able to say hello and goodbye in so many languages is great fun. >> mers meer of ravensberger's oard, -- board, responsible for new business ventures, and the great-grandson of the company's founder. >> we have a classic background in board games and puzzles. we think there will always be
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board games, but we want to move with the times. we are positioning ourselves for that. that hit toy pose a development costs were high, smer i pleased with its success. over 1 million pens and accessories have already been sold. >> i did not think there is a company in the world not undergoing change right now. our company is 120 years old right now, so we have oenad to change. >> the components are made in china, but the pent and its accompaniments are pkad in germany. it is then shipped out to retailers. demand for the toy is so big that it is often sold out. the starter set is pricey at 35 euros, but all additional games are cheaper. >> i was very surprised when it came out last year.
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i thought, "this is something new. interactivity has arrived." i do not think it will force up classic games, but it is a segment with a lot of potential. >> competitors are also getting on the bandwagon. some have already brought out similar products to the tip toye. >> despite the new technology, good, old-fashioned board games are still popular all over the world. the chinese in particular have a long tradition of playing board games. now, some younger people in china are looking beyond their borders for new board games to try out, and believe it or not, german games are gaining in popularity even with the language barrier. more on how board games are merging with the capital culture. >> traditional board games have always been an integral part of chinese culture. groups of elderly men sitting outdoors pondering their next
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move were once a common sight, but traditional games are losing favor with the younger generation. they prefer the more modern variety, including german games. cindy and her friends meet twice a week in a cafe just to play. >> the german games are so well made. the boards are nicely illustrated and the figures nicely crafted, like this little turgor -- turtle year, and there is so much choice. the manager recommended this game, total racing. it is easy and suitable for three to five players -- turtle racing. that is how we have fun without pressure. it helps us relax. >> you cannot just by german board games in beijing shops. the owners of the cafes and import there's from hong kong where it costs about 1/3 more. they can take their pick from a
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wide range of games. it is a winning concept, and similar cafes are springing up all over the capital. german board games are the most professional ones that i have ever seen. young chinese people love thinking things through, so strategic games are very popular. i am in the process of opening a second cafe. it is totally worth it. i will sell western snacks and coffee there, too. >> but there is one problem with the german games. the instructions are not yet available in chinese. that is where mr. ho comes in. it is his job to explain the rules to customers. >> if i get the instructions in english, i can read and translate them, but if not, i have a look on the internet. there are some translated versions available there. i read them, think about them, learn by heart, and teach them to my customers.
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>> chinese players looking for the latest bills have to be patient. it takes at least six weeks for new german games to a ride by container ship in hong kong -- four new german games to arrive by container ship. >> one of the most popular games here in germany is like the body car, like a first taste of driving for kids with nothing dangerous like an engine to get in the way, but when the driver's grow up a little bit, the bobby car suddenly becomes a bit boring. we met one teenage girl who saw the potential for something more. she came up with a custom model that is built for speed. that every car needs a good mechanic. janine does not have her driver's license yet, but she is already a two-time racing champion, and her vehicle of choice is the body car. janine is helping her stepfather build the perfect car for the new season.
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and each person has their own car and as the work themselves and each person has their own style when it comes to the car design and structure. >> before the race, the car gets a steel frame. a steering, new wheels, and extra weight. for more downhill momentum. >> be converted bobby-cars are wider and taller. the dynamic -- the converted bobby-cars are wider and taller. you notice a big week difference. >> now it is time for a test drive. -- you notice a big week -- weight difference. >> now it is time for a test drive. they take a ride through town to see how fast the new car really is. janine starts too early, but she is still much faster than her stepfather and faster than a typical letter per hour speed limit for cars.
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bobby-car drivers use their feet to break. that is, if they want to slow down at all. >> i will take it to the limit when i drive. i want to test my boundaries. i have always done that, but driving down the hill at 100 kilometers an hour is something different. >> janine's test drive was promising, and there is still time to make adjustments before the season starts. >> we will make a few small changes. i will not say which ones. >> one thing is for sure -- they will not be installing a motor. even the arginine might be able to based on the hill, they will still have to push the car's back up. >> i think that is suitable for only teenagers. who knows? anyway, that has been our "in depth" look at toys. thanks for joining us. stay tuned.
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